Shotoku Supplies Remote Camera Control System to NRK

OSLO, NORWAY—Camera support manufacturer Shotoku Broadcast Systems recently installed its SmartTrack rail system and a nationwide remote camera system to NRK, Norway’s national public broadcaster.

SmartTrack rail system in NRK studio

The SmartTrack systems are able to support both rapid camera moves and slow on-air crawls. Four SmartTrack systems were installed in multiple NRK studios, all of which are now using Shotoku’s TR-XT touchscreen control system. Each TR-XT can access any of the studio’s cameras to define camera movements in advance. TR-XT can also control cameras in other studios over WAN connection or third-party integrated PTZ cameras.

Shotoku also installed a nationwide camera system to NRK’s 11 regional studios with PT&H systems. Cameras at all 11 studios can be controlled either locally with the TR-HP Hot-Panel, with the Viz Mosart automation system, or the TR-XT systems at the Olso headquarters.

Shotoku Broadcast Systems is a provider of camera support products. The company is based out of Japan.