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Sennheiser introduces new professional wireless receivers, body pack transmitter

At the 2010 NAB Show, Sennheiser launched new versions of its professional wireless products, including the EM 3732-II twin receiver and the SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter.

Both feature a switching bandwidth of up to 184MHz and have a special mode for more interference-free transmission frequencies. This means sound engineers can adapt to worldwide transmission conditions more easily and avoid interference from other transmitters. The doubled switching bandwidth enhances the flexibility and versatility of the EM 3732-II receiver and its sister models, the EM 3731-II and EM 3732-COM-II.

In addition to a wider switching bandwidth, another new feature of the SK 5212-II body pack transmitter is the low-intermodulation mode, which reduces transmitter intermodulation. The problem of transmitter intermodulation occurs whenever several transmitters are used in close proximity, with the unwanted intermodulation products limiting the number of usable channels.