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Sennheiser enhances MKH 8000 mic series for broadcast

At InfoComm, Sennheiser made available the new MZF 8000 filter module for the MKH 8000 microphone series. As a result, the premium microphone series now provides excellent sound and climate resistance in tough broadcasting and film applications, effectively suppressing both handling and wind noise. In addition, the signal level can be lowered via a high-quality pad that allows it to be optimally adapted to the recording equipment.

The MKH 8000 series are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for boom applications. The new MZF 8000 filter module allows users to target and suppress noise with two low-frequency filters: a roll-off filter that can be switched on when required and a fixed low-cut filter that effectively suppresses frequencies below 20Hz. A switchable -10dB pad on the filter module reduces the signal level when required. The MZF 8000 features extremely low self noise and can also be used with a remote cable as a separate unit, allowing the sound engineer to further reduce the weight on the boom. The module has a transformerless and fully floating output for easy connection to recording equipment.