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ScheduALL Encompass Deployment Virtually Centralizes Bookings

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. and NEW YORK—Encompass Digital Media has teleport facilities in four U.S. cities across the country that now use ScheduALL’s LINK system to manage bookings on a virtually centralized platform.

“ScheduALL is used by Encompass to take a job from work order creation to invoice,” said Rich Rozycki, senior director and project manager of global OU services at Encompass. “Our Global Scheduling Center will create the work order, it is then accessed by the Technical Operations Centers at our U.S. facilities to execute the work order and once completed, the finance team will process the work order for billing.”

The teleport facilities are located in Atlanta, Stamford, Conn., Minneapolis and Burbank, Calif. Rozycki said that before the ScheduALL roll-out, each facility had its own legacy booking system.

“Our facilities now have the ability to see work orders that may be assigned to one facility or may utilize resources across multiple Encompass facilities; the operators have the ability to see changes to those work orders in real-time,” Rozycki said. “This is not just limited to our teleports, but also includes the Encompass facility in New York City, which houses our video switching center with connections to hundreds of clients around the world.”

“Collectively,” he said, “the U.S.-based Encompass facilities book and execute hundreds of orders a day.”

That kind of volume is par for ScheduALL platforms said the company’s senior architect on the LINK platform, Rob Evans. Evans started working with ScheduALL systems when he was operations manager for ABC News ABSAT. What’s changed most about the software is its reach into other systems.

“I call it ‘schedule once,’” he said. “We’re seeing regularly, the customers want to schedule once, and they expect other systems to work with it. They expect to allow other clients to be able to book into the ScheduALL system. That’s the huge switch. People do not want to leave ScheduALL.”

One advantage, he said, was the “instant response.”

“Immediacy is huge, and so is reliability,” he said. “If you know it’s going to talk to other vendors, the one extension by five minutes or a half-hour, the other systems are told about. There’s no misunderstanding there; no missed phone calls.”

Users are notified of changes via email, text messages, and calendars. When a feed that involves external systems changes, the notification comes back into ScheduALL.

“We have live logs in the system. Anything other systems are telling us about are in the ScheduALL system. Those systems can tell us something is specifically out of service,” said Joel Nirenberg of ScheduALL. “Other systems can put it devices back into service in ScheduALL, and you have a record of services in ScheduALL.”

Encompass is preparing to bring its U.K. facilities online with the ScheduALL system in a move toward creating a global booking system.