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Rushworks Powers TheCool TV

Joe Comparato
LAWRENCE, KAN. — At TheCool TV we needed a special customized automation solution that could handle the system that delivers our programming to millions of music fans across the United States. We broadcast through full-power television channels via their digital multicast spectrum, and are also transmitted on cable in each DMA. Currently TheCool TV is live in 52 markets nationwide, and this large-scale deployment required an automation system in each market to run separate playlists.

We also needed to control, update and monitor all of the operations from our broadcast center here in Lawrence.


We have worked with Rushworks automation for the past two years in connection with our programming origination, and have had their machines running 24/7 for almost 18 months now, with all proving to be very robust, reliable and also extremely simple to maintain and program.

Adding Rushwork’s A-List to our networks distribution model has been a game changer in our channel’s growth, and marks a huge upgrade from our previous automation systems. A-List has been the perfect solution to our very unique and dynamic distribution model. We use a third-party software package to create our music lists for each city, and this system makes creating the daily playlists for those 52 markets a snap.

The way the system integrates secondary events such as crawls, snipes and lower third slates has made a great impact on the look and “feel” of our network. And it has made it very easy for us to integrate data systems, info and assets.

By using a very intuitive and simple script, we can pull metadata from our video library to create the lower third title blocks that label each video. Instead of having to “bag and tag” each video with its own title block, we can use A-List metadata to display the lower third title block for us. In the same manner, text crawls can be saved as files that are called when needed. This has eliminated the need to create each crawl independently. All of our text files for crawls live with traffic materials and can be called up to run on schedule. We even can change messages on the fly by replacing the text files.


We all know that systems such as these are only as good as the support that comes with them. And that is where I think Rushworks really leads the pack. We have no doubts about Rushworks and the A-List programmers and support teams being the best in the business. Not only did they build, launch and deploy 52 systems in less than six weeks time, they have been—and continue to be—right there at every turn to help troubleshoot and customize our application. Whether it’s been to help optimize our playlists, refine triggers for local spot insertion or to troubleshoot EAS and Closed Caption issues, we always have the full engagement of the A-List support team.

Joe Comparato is the founder and creator of the Cool Music Network and The-Cool TV. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Rushworks at 888-894-7874 or visit