R&S Adds Generator Option

Four signal generators from Rohde & Schwarz now offer DAB and T-DMB options.

The option, available for the SMU200A, SMJ100A, SMATE200A and AMU200A, enables users to generate signals for all conventional mobile radio standards — as well as for GPS, DAB, DVB-H and T-DMB — with a single device.

The range of possible devices under test (DUTs) includes DAB receivers fitted in cars, T-DMB receivers in mobile phones and also components such as power amplifiers and repeaters. Standardized ensemble transport interface (ETI) files are usable as data sources, making it possible to test receivers with real audio and video sequences.

Users can change test settings or signals directly on the signal generator or via remote control. Real-time processing of the signals reduces test times and increases throughput in production.

The SMU200A and AMU200A also offer an optional second path that makes it possible to simultaneously generate useful signals and interfering signals using a single instrument. If the generator has a fading option, it is possible to carry out repeatable tests under real conditions.