Rohde & Schwarz Now Shipping R&S SpycerNode

MUNICH—Rohde & Schwarz has begun shipping its R&S SpycerNode media storage system, which was launched in September at the IBC 2018 in Amsterdam.

R&S SpycerNode leverages High Performance Computing (HPS), a combination of hardware, file system and a software approach to RAID that relies on erasure coding in combination with declustering to increase performance and reduce rebuild times, the company said. The system, which can be expanded during operation, also is highly scalable.

Erasure coding means that a data block is always written including parity. Declustering, a software-based strategy, spreads the spare disk over all other disks, which decreases rebuild times and reduces the impact on performance.

The newly shipping product features Rohde & Schwarz’ device manager web application, making setup faster and integration of other Rohde & Schwarz systems easier, the company said. In addition, device manager’s intuitive web-based UI, which is operated from a single client, simplifies maintenance and service.

R&S SpycerNode comes in various 2U and 5U chassis designs available with NL-SAS HDDs (hard disk drives) and SAS SSDs (solid-state disks) with different capacities. The product has main processor units and JBOD (just a bunch of disks) units. A main unit is redundant and equipped with two appliance controllers, each of which has two 100 Gbit interfaces.

More information is available on the Rohde & Schwarz website.

Phil Kurz

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