RF Central Releases New ENG Receiver

RF Central is now marketing a new digital microwave receiver targeted for ENG and other field uses. The new RFX-PMR-II model is available in both standard- and high-definition configurations and is designed to be weather resistant.

The receiver accommodates the FCC’s BAS spectrum reallocation band plan and has pre-set tuning in 0.25 MHz steps, or can be manually tuned within its 1.990 GHz to 2.500 GHz operating range.

“With many stations still in the midst of completing BAS relocation, the PMR-II is a receiver that meets today’s SD criteria, while also providing a clear path for migration to full HD whenever the customer is ready,” said RF Central CEO Jeff Winemiller. “Today’s broadcast industry calls for products that offer rugged durability and extreme portability, both of which are featured within the PMR-II.”

The RFX-PMR-II supports 720p and 1080i when equipped for HD operation and can automatically detect and demodulate QPSK, 16-QAM and 64-QAM signals.