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Remote Digital Praises For-A

Sandor Bondorowsky operates the For-A HVS-300HS on location.MONTCLAIR, N.J.
Remote Digital Media has been providing state of the art production services for corporate and network clients throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond since 2004.

Our company recently acquired a For-A HVS-300HS switcher to complement our tapeless HD flypack. This switcher, coupled with our Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM HD camcorders, allows us to provide tapeless multi-camera production. The HVS-300 was fully integrated this spring and has already been used for NBC, MTV and other projects, and has performed perfectly since day one.

We chose the HVS-300HS as we needed a switcher that was simple to operate, yet rich in features when compared to higher priced competitive models. The For-A's two-piece design provides fast setup, and I also find it very helpful that all control parameters are displayed on a preview output.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we operate in studio, remote and live event situations. The HVS-300HS appealed to us as it's packed with features that are ideal for our customers' needs. We make full use of the switcher's ability to support both SD and HD sources. Also, its space saving design is always appreciated when equipment transport is part of the job.

Another benefit of the HVS-300HS is the increased number of sources that it can accommodate. With the 12 inputs provided, we can support most production requirements—even those with large camera complements—and also add playback sources as needed. The switcher's expanded number of AUX outputs give us great flexibility for feeding either monitors or projectors, as well as providing an AUX output for a lighting designer or producer.

The switcher also allows us to work with non-synchronized video, as our clients frequently need roll-ins from DVDs and the like. It handles these as easily as genlocked sources. However, it was the built-in multiviewer feature that really sealed the deal for us—it displays up to 16 sources, saving the hassle and expense of using additional monitors.

When we were first contacted about bringing back MTV's Unplugged series, we were confident that our flypack with the For-A HVS-300HS switcher would provide the right feature set for this production. As part of the remote production operation, we had to construct a flypack for operation in a very small room on the sixth floor of a Gramercy Park brownstone.


With such small operating space—and a five-camera shoot and on-set projection—the switcher's small profile, number of inputs and multiple outputs were all big pluses. It also helped us manage our monitor and projection needs. Using an external AUX control panel, we equipped the lighting designer with his own HD monitor, and by adding a second AUX, we could also control feeds going to the projector. And, of course, the HVS-300HS performed perfectly.

The switcher really outperforms other units in the same price range that we've used previously. Our clients have been very pleased with the results from our For-A-based HD flypack, and we appreciate the versatility and functionality of the HVS-300HS switcher.

Sandor Bondorowsky is the founder and partner of Remote Digital Media. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact For-A Corp. of America at 714-894-3311 or