Prime Image’s Time Tailor changes length of existing content

Prime Image’s Time Tailor technology allows broadcasters and others to reduce the run time of program content while maintaining the creative integrity of its picture and sound quality.

Time Tailor uses the company’s micro-editing technology to automatically detect and remove redundant frames in a manner that is virtually undetectable. The system can create up to an 8 percent reduction of time in a 20-30-minute program and continue to report black hole presence during and following the reduction process.

Consisting of Prime Image’s Time Tailor and the Fastrack TT system as a user interface, Time Tailor Post supports 1080/29.97 and 720p/59.94 HD video as well as 525i and 625i SD video. The operator/editor enters the desired reduction rate combined with all the necessary parameter information into Fastrack TT. This includes source time code, record time code, locations for insertions or removal of black segments or show material, insertion of slate, bars and tone and the amount of time to be removed.

Time Tailor applies advanced algorithms to select and remove redundant frames until the desired run length is achieved during a single real-time pass of the source material. Time Tailor Post’s Fastrack TT user interface fully automates the entire process while simultaneously controlling the source and record devices with the Time Tailor to frame-accurately start playback, processing and recording of the time-reduction process. The operator/editor can also use Time Tailor Post’s Fastrack TT graphical timeline user interface to program the system to time-reduce specific segments while leaving other segments unaltered, such as opening titles and theme music or full closing credits.

Time Tailor also preserves closed-captioning text as well as any preformatted commercial black slugs.

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