Portable TV gets mobile

Powered by MaxLinear’s MxL5007T TV tuner chip, Digital Stream's new portable MUON TV points the way to a future where the terms "portable TV" and "mobile TV" are interchangeable. With its 7in display, long battery life and integrated antenna, the lightweight MUON TV blurs the distinction between mobile and portable.

As portable televisions converge in size with mobile TV handsets, it's no surprise that the technology for the one should start moving toward the other. In 2007, MaxLinear introduced a key piece of this convergence — one of the first multistandard TV tuner ICs designed for enabling TV on PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

MaxLinear’s 3G CMOS silicon tuner, the MxL5007T, is a multistandard digital terrestrial silicon tuner that supports ATSC, ATSC-M/H, DVB-T, DMB-T(H) and CMMB in a 5mm by 5mm 32-pin QFN package. MaxLinear's MxL7001 silicon tuner supports Japan's ISDB-T 1-seg and 3-seg mobile TV standards.