Poker Central Goes All in With LTN for 2019 World Series of Poker

LAS VEGAS—Poker Central is the ultimate source for fans of poker and the poker lifestyle. We deliver “everything poker” to audiences worldwide, giving them anywhere, anytime access into the VIP lifestyle and lavish, jet-setting world of high roller poker players.

Fans access this content through our subscription-based PokerGO digital video service, which gives them exclusive access to some of the world’s biggest events, including the Super High Roller Bowl, World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, U.S. Poker Open, Poker Masters and more.

Shot on location in Las Vegas and in exotic locales around the globe, our live event coverage and programming offer fans a unique glimpse into the quirky, funny and exciting world of poker. In addition to live event coverage and behind-the-scenes footage, PokerGO also features event replays, original programs and classics from the Poker Central vault. Through PokerGO, we give fans 24/7 access to exclusive content, with more than 100 days of live poker a year.

In providing a subscription-based video service for avid poker fans, PokerGO must meet high standards in terms of quality and reliability. The 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP), held May 28 to July 16 in Las Vegas, is perhaps the best example of the challenges we face in ensuring exceptional video quality and unparalleled quality of experience.

This year the Poker Central team produced live video from 89 different WSOP events over 50 days, with exclusive coverage of the WSOP Main Event. (Hossein Ensan won the event, earning $10,000,000 and poker’s most prestigious prize: the WSOP Main Event bracelet.) We needed a partner to help us deliver live coverage to PokerGO in multiple formats, and we decided to work once again with LTN Global, a leader in broadcast-quality IP video transport solutions.

We have a successful track record with LTN, so we had reason to be confident. The company provides backhaul services for Poker Central throughout the year as we cover high-profile events. We turned to the company for our WSOP coverage in 2019 because we knew LTN could deliver the service level we require, as well as simplicity and flexibility in addressing technical requirements.

Because we need to deliver consistent, high-quality signals from a remote location over a lengthy period of time, the WSOP truly is the most demanding of our live event productions. LTN has the experience and resources to make even highly challenging projects like this a success. The company’s industry-leading, IP-based live video delivery service and integrated production-to-transmission workflows ensure peerless IP-based live video delivery.

For the 2019 WSOP, LTN provided two flypacks dedicated to the event. We also relied on LTN’s fully managed network for live video delivery. With these resources and support from the LTN team, we were able to provide flawless live coverage. Signals from the event were delivered over the LTN network in multiple formats to support both linear broadcasts and PokerGO subscription-based services, available to fans via connected TVs, computers and mobile devices.

We’ve come to rely on LTN as a partner in delivering exceptional coverage of live poker events. We produced a tremendous amount of unique content at the 2019 WSOP, and LTN was key to our success. Knowing that LTN has both the expertise and technical resources to provide both IP transport service and support for complex live sporting events, we were able to focus on creating the exciting live content that PokerGO subscribers demand.

Cheryl Wood is the senior vice president of operations and engineering at Poker Central LLC.