Pixel Power automates branding process

Pixel Power has addressed the needs of broadcasters seeking graphics systems that automate the delivery of on-air branding and promotions. These systems will be on display at NAB.

The company said it has filled orders for more than 100 channels of its automated branding and promotions solutions integrating configurations of PixelPromo, Clarity character generators and LogoVision graphics systems.

Recent and ongoing projects for BBC Worldwide, Discovery Networks, ESPN, Jetix, NBC Universal and News Corp. are a few examples of operations that have adopted Pixel Power solutions for their graphics.

Pixel Power CEO Pete Challinger said that operators are now moving toward consolidated multichannel playout centers, and broadcasters are streamlining their broadcast operations. It is far more cost-effective and elegant, he said, to build a single, flexible set of graphics assets.

Pixel Power offers a range of products that individually and cooperatively can be configured to meet any branding and promotion requirement. These integrate advanced functionality such as embedding, Dolby E support, squeezebacks, delay compensation, as well as built-in support for video clips with alpha and audio, inputs with DVE capability, static and animated fonts, and still graphics all into a single output.

For more information, visit www.pixelpower.com.