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Ofcom publishes quarterly update on communications market

Ofcom in the U.K. has published its quarterly report on the state of the communications market with a look at television, radio and telecommunications.

The report provides a roundup of recent development. In television, it found:

  • Freeview now reaches more than 5 million households.
  • Thirty percent of all TV viewing was to multichannel services in June 2005.
  • Shopping, interactive services and pay-per-view accounted for a fifth of digital channels’ revenues in 2004.
  • Direct consumer spending now accounts for more than 60 percent of all TV industry revenues, with advertising accounting for less than 40 percent.

The report found that the transition to digital television is having wide and diverse impact. To back up its assertion, the report cited several industry events, including BskyB’s recent announcement of record profits and its decision to launch HDTV and enhanced PRV services next year.

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