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Muse Research introduces UniWire for RTAS

Muse Research has ported its UniWire audio and MIDI networking technology for Pro Tools users, thanks to a new RTAS-compatible version of the UniWire plug-in. The UniWire technology off-loads several processor-intensive tasks to an array of Receptors, saving processing power for the host system running ProTools. The company's UniWire technology allows the user to connect a Receptor hardware plug-in player directly to a laptop or desktop computer using only a single Ethernet cable, and get complete integration of MIDI, audio and remote control data between the Receptor and the host DAW software. UniWire allows the user to run plug-ins on Receptor but control them as if they were running inside a host computer. UniWire works with all Mac or PC-based ProTools systems that support RTAS plug-ins, including LE systems.

UniWire consists of a cross-platform RTAS plug-in created by Muse Research and a software upgrade that enables the UniWire networking capabilities of Receptor. UniWire provides 32-channels of audio and unlimited MIDI connectivity between a computer and Receptor using a standard 100baseT network connection.

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