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Mo-Sys Redesigns Gyro-Stabilized Remote Camera Head

(Image credit: Mo-Sys)

LONDON—Mo-Sys is launching its latest, redesigned gyro-stabilized remote camera head, the G30, which offers a compact, 45-degree frame to work with any broadcast or digital camera.

The 45-degree frame provides easy access to all camera connections and accessories, Mo-Sys says. Its short, stiff frame provides rigidity for rigs up to 30kg, while high torque direct drive motors provide precise camera movement and stabilization. There are also open hubs for the three drive motors for cable routing.

Because of the unique frame design, Mo-Sys says that the G30 eliminates gimbal lock, which typically prevents pan axis movement when the camera is pointing down. G30 features a plus or minus 45-degree roll. In addition, axis motors are built into each motor assembly for direct input into virtual production systems.

G30 controlling software includes the ability to fine-tune the balance of the camera automatically. Users can also store pre-sets for frequently used camera combinations.

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