Mirics, Shanghai HDIC deliver HD broadcast mobile PCTV in China

Last week, Mirics Semiconductor and Shanghai High Definition Digital Technology Industrial (HDIC) made available a jointly developed PC mobile TV reference design for the China's DTTM standard. The production-ready USB dongle reference design addresses both SD and HD transmission. Mirics demonstrated the PCTV reference design at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

First announced in June 2009, the design features Mirics’ FlexiRF chip tuner, HDIC’s low-power DTTB demodulator, USB interfacing and PC-based application software for audio and video playback. The dongle design can be used for PCs of any size, including portable notebooks and netbooks.

“This reference design is the first solution targeting PC platforms that supports both single-carrier and multicarrier digital broadcasts," said HDIC VP Young Dai, "bringing the capability of a wider range of live TV content in SD and vivid HD to potentially millions of PC users in China and Hong Kong.” Free-to-air SD and HD content is already available in key Chinese cities, with major DTTB infrastructure build-out continuing across China.