Microwave Radio Communications Develops New Diversity Receiver

Microwave Radio Communications has developed the MDR-2, a new receiver for diversity wireless applications. It uses multiple antennas and contains special circuitry designed to minimize signal loss when used in roving wireless camera applications.

The receiver uses a special combiner that electronically adds individual input signals for improved performance and coverage range.

"This gives television directors and producers another tool in their video arsenal," said Tony Finizio, MRC president. "Combining an MDR-2 with an MRC digital wireless camera transmitter can improve coverage and reliability in just about any situation."

The new receiver is briefcase-sized and relies on twin antennas spaced far enough apart to minimize the possibility of signal loss at both antennas at the same time. The MDR-2 also includes an integral MPEG-2 decoder for providing audio and video outputs in either analog or digital formats. The receiver and antennas can be mounted on a tripod or rack mounted. It accepts either AC or DC power sources.