Microtune Offers Three-In-One Tuner

Microtune Inc. is now producing a new television tuner chip "smaller than a thumbtack" capable of receiving ATSC, NTCS and cable TV signals. The tuner sells for less than $3.00 and promises to pave the way for more affordable digital television receivers and other consumer products.

According to James A. Fontaine, Microtune President and CEO, the device, known as the MT2131, is the only device to fully support reception of both analog and digital TV transmissions from cable or off-air sources.

"For us, the MT2131 is another milestone achievement in our history of innovating the industry's most advanced RF integrated circuits," Fontaine said. "It reflects our continuing mission to raise the tuner performance bar for our customers across their TV, cable, computer and handheld products, while significantly reducing their RF solution costs."

The company takes credit for inventing the single chip TV tuner and claims that the MT2131 is a superior product in terms of both sensitivity and adjacent channel rejection. The device is being marketed for applications in digital television receivers, as well as set-top boxes, personal video recorders, cable modems, computers and multimedia cards.