LG Electronics Licenses MPEG-H Audio From Fraunhofer

MPEG-H is part of the ATSC 3.0 and DVB standards.
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ERLANGEN, Germany—LG Electronics has licensed MPEG-H Audio from Fraunhofer IIS, allowing the consumer electronics company to manufacturer products with the audio codec, Fraunhofer announced today.

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MPEG-H Audio, developed largely by Fraunhofer IIS, is specified as one of the audio systems that is part of ATSC 3.0. It has been on air in South Korea since May 2017 when the nation rolled out the Next Gen TV standard.

MPEG-H Audio also is specified as part of the DVB standard. In Europe, where many countries use DVB, MPEG-H has been tested successfully as part of the digital television system.

Among MPEG-H Audio’s features are immersive audio support as well as audio personalization.

More information is available on the Fraunhofer IIS website.