LARCAN integrated ATSC Mobile DTV solution uses same spectrum to layer mobile on legacy streams

LARCAN believes broadcasters are hungry to roll out mobile DTV services, so one of the company’s strategies is to give broadcasters an integrated solution to make it easy to deploy, said Scott Barella, LARCAN VP of technology and business development.

LARCAN works with partners including Envivio, Triveni Digital and UDcast to offer a mobile TV ecosystem. Right now, the company is perfecting the final piece of the puzzle: a mobile DTV modulator, which LARCAN expects to have in place before this year is out.

Making it possible for broadcasters to “call one number and make sure it is all integrated correctly and deployed right will take the pain” of convergence away. In the past year, Barella said, there has been much focus placed on what broadcasters actually do with their spectrum going forward, and mobile “seems to be a logical use of the spectrum. Our solution is unique because it uses the same spectrum for mobile and legacy streams.”

Barella foresees mobile DTV as introducing a new era of broadcasting, and of content. We’re at “a point in the television technology where we hand this over to the next generation,” he said. “I think there will be a big change in the content that’s offered for mobile, and the viewer watching that content. Successful business mobile DTV models will recognize the demand for different content and capitalize on it.”

I spoke with Scott Barella about the challenges of mobile TV, LARCAN's end-to-end solution and what's next for mobile TV.

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