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K5600 HMIs Make Shooter's Life Easier

K5600 800 watt HMI instrumentWESTON, FLA.
I've been a K5600 fan since I bought my first Joker 200 lighting instrument more than 14 years ago. There is no other way to say it—they work. The flagship Joker Bug, be it 200 watt or 400 watt, is the perfect companion for Chimera soft bank fixtures.

Several years ago, I found myself on a multicamera roundtable shoot with a lighting problem. There were four cameras to shoot six people sitting around the table. Space limitations kept us from flying lights in from different angles.

The solution was a 200 watt Joker-Bug concealed in a Chinese lantern. We literally dropped this in the middle of the circle and got away with minimal fill and back lights. This produced the look that the producer wanted.


K5600 listens to its customers and develops new products from that feedback. A good example of this is their introduction of an 800 watt HMI instrument.

For years I always needed a stronger light than K5600's 400-watt product could deliver. I do a lot of work in South Florida where most venues have large windows, and producers are always asking for something to show that we're on location. This means incorporating the background, as shot through one or more large windows and this means extra interior light to balance things. In the past my only choice after the 400 watt HMI was a 1,200 watt HMI. However, this is can be a problem when shooting in someone's home. Such a fixture needs a dedicated 20-amp circuit to keep from tripping breakers and the thing is big. K5600 heard us and introduced an 800 watt version nine years ago. It's the perfect light, as it works well in the house and also outdoors when you're doing a stand-up in bright sun. It delivers the punch you need and can be easily powered a 15 amp circuit or a small generator.


These lights are built to take it. I've carried them all around the world and used them in the harshest of conditions, yet they always come through. From roof tops in Baghdad to the Brazilian rain forest and back to the streets of South Beach, Fla.—you just plug them in and they work. From a single light to a four camera interview, K5600 provides a true and reliable light source.

I have to mention their customer service too. K5600 stands behind every product they sell. They're there to fix your problem, should one ever pop up, and they'll do whatever it takes to keep your shoot on track, even if it means driving hundreds of miles to deliver replacement ballast. That's exactly what happened to me when I had a failure. Beth Nardin, K5600's east coast sales and customer service rep, drove 400 miles to personally deliver a ballast so my shoot could go as scheduled. That kind of service says it all.

Joe Biscotti is the owner of JB Production Services and is a video journalist with more than 30 years in the business. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact K5600 at 800-662-5756 or