JVC Cameras Score Big Points at KMCC

LAS VEGAS - KMCC television serves the Las Vegas area and has been a MundoFox affiliate ever since the network was launched in 2012.

Last summer our station purchased three three JVC ProHD cameras—a GY-HM650 for ENG chores and two GY-HM890s for our new studio facility. I was a newcomer to the JVC camera brand, but now I’m a loyal convert. You have to make sure your camera can get the job done and these cameras really hit the mark. They put out a really great picture, and they’re seeing a lot of use in producing two nightly Spanish-language newscasts at the station.

Based on their performance at KMCC, I’m already making plans to upgrade another of our group operations in Texas with JVC cameras.

KMCC has been sharing production space in Las Vegas, but last August we relocated to a new home in the Las Vegas Boulevard Mall, about two miles east of the Las Vegas Strip. This new location provides easy and convenient access for “man-on-the-street” interviews, particularly during the holiday shopping season.

Our new studio also has a rather unique layout too. Instead of being located some distance away from other station operating areas, as is the case in many stations, the area that houses station sales and administrative personnel opens directly to the studio floor. The studio facility and infrastructure is large enough to support four-camera live productions, but currently we’re producing our newscasts with the two GY-HM890 cameras.


Historically, our field reporters have been accustomed to using tripods for camera support, but the size and form factor of the GY-HM650 we purchased is now allowing them to introduce some rather inventive handheld shots. The GY-HM650 camera also has been a game changer in another respect. Operational controls needing access in the field are greatly simplified, allowing it to be used to advantage by even non-technical personnel. This feature allows all of our news people to be “one-man bands” and deliver very high quality content. With the combination of simplified operating controls and the camera’s reduced weight and size, users can now be very creative in their shooting styles.

In addition to the cameras’ performance and reliability, I’ve also been very pleased with JVC’s commitment to its customers. In my dealings, I’ve found that they’re really responsive and attuned to the needs of their broadcast customers. I’m really impressed with the service they’ve provided us.


Right now, we’re not taking full advantage of the GY-HM650’s capabilities, as we’re not streaming live high-definition reports from the field. However, we are considering implementing the technology in the not-too-distant future as part of a major initiative at both KMCC and our Texas property. The concept of being able to use a 4G LTE modem or a Wi-Fi hotspot with the camera to send live stand-ups back to the station, instead of having to rely on a bonded cellular or other solution is quite intriguing. In the meantime, we continue to be more than satisfied with all of our JVC cameras. It’s a brave new television world out there and, as usual, JVC is at the forefront.

Roy A. Phillips, II is the regional director of engineering for MondoFox Las Vegas. He may be contacted at rphillips@mundofoxvegas.com.

For additional information, contact JVC at 800-582-5825 or visit pro.jvc.com.