Inlet Technologies unveils two new Spinnaker real-time encoders

Inlet Technologies has rolled out the Spinnaker 4000 and 7000, the two latest additions to its Spinnaker family of live streaming appliances.

The Spinnaker 4000 introduces ASI and IP input into the Spinnaker product line, and the Spinnaker 7000 supports HD. Inlet has also added H.264 support to the Spinnaker family.

Spinnaker's support of ASI/IP inputs enables a direct, built-in conversion of video into H.264, Flash, VP6, WMV, VC-1 or Silverlight streams. The Spinnaker 4000 eliminates the need for ASI-to-SDI converters, and allows broadcasters and other distributors to take their content directly off their backhaul feeds and deliver it over IP.

Inlet's Spinnaker 7000 allows content creators to distribute high-quality, live HD content for viewing over IP networks in real time. With support for both H.264 and VC-1, the Spinnaker 7000 offers a full range of HD viewing options.

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