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Indonesia’s SUN TV orders six Jampro UHF systems

Indonesian broadcast network SUN TV and Nokia have placed an order for six Jampro UHF broadband high-power UHF systems, which will be used to expand SUN TV to the six largest Indonesian markets by combining with an existing UHF TV network and adding DVB-H handheld mobile video systems.

The systems include Jampro model JUHD UHF high-power panel antennas; Jampro Proline rigid transmission line; and Jampro RWED UHF high-power combiners, RCPU patch panels and switch frames.

Available as a transmitter-to-tower turnkey package for simplified installations, the JUHD broadband UHF panel antenna can be either side- or top-mounted. Based on a modular design, it can be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns.

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