Ikegami Makes News at WMUR


WMUR is a local news-oriented television station that takes pride in knowing New Hampshire and delivering informative quality newscasts to the entire state.

An ABC affiliate, WMUR broadcasts on Channel 9 (NTSC) and Channel 59 (DTV). We also broadcast on three low power channels in New Hampshire's North Country and the station is part of the large Boston market, which is rated number in the country.

We decided to look at new ENG cameras because we're changing tape formats for news acquisition. The change to DVCAM prompted us to look at Ikegami's HL-DV7AW ENG camera.

Our sister station, WCVB, went with a similar camera last year and to date has had no complaints about its performance. I also have worked with the Ikegami HL-V77 cameras at KCRA and again had no issues about selecting an Ikegami camera. We decided on the Ikegami HL-DV7AW, which were delivered in May.


Some of our favorite camera features include the ability to record external video (a feature added just this year), iLink (IEEE-1394) output, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio capabilities, onboard wireless microphone receiver housing, low-light capabilities, P.Func feature (which is a user-programmable on/off switch for a user-defined camera function) and auto hue detect function. Both the P. Func and the auto hue detect were standouts for the videographers. Finally the overall rugged construction of the camera chassis was a big plus-in my opinion, this camera was built for the rigors of news.

Thus far, the ruggedness of the camera and its operational performance have proved to be a good fit. The videographers find the camera easy to use, and the camera's features and capabilities improve the overall quality of video footage.

Shortly after the cameras were deployed in the field, the chief videographer informed me that he saw a notable improvement in overall video quality when comparing archive footage and newly shot video footage. He also stated the images seem to have greater color saturation, making the overall images more crisp and vibrant. All the videographers seem to be very happy with the camera's abilities and functions.


Although the service and support has been tested very little since purchasing the cameras, the few questions we have had were addressed in a timely and professional manner.

We recently held a one-day training session with Ikegami on the camera and its features, which proved beneficial to both the videographers and engineers.

We timed the training to take place after having the cameras in the field for a month, this in itself being a testament to the cameras' ease-of-use. We wanted to give videographers and engineers time to accumulate questions and perhaps bring up important issues.

No issues were noted and all the user questions were answered with ease. The Ikegami employees who conducted the training were very knowledgeable about the technology and using the cameras.

The decision to go with the Ikegami HL-DV7AW camera has proved to be a good choice. I am very pleased with all the features, abilities and overall video quality it has brought to WMUR.

I feel confident that this camera, with its abilities such as iLink connectivity, will serve WMUR into the future.

For more information, contact Ikegami at 201-368-9171 or visit www.ikegami.com