Hosa Technology introduces Que Audio ENG Pack

Hosa Technology has introduced the Que Audio ENG Pack by Da-Cappo Australia. A comprehensive, all-in-one system designed for sound recordists, journalists, DV camera operators and educational institutions, the Que Audio ENG Pack contains everything necessary to capture pristine sound. The system includes the micro shotgun microphone, a micro shotgun pop filter, a micro shotgun shock mount, an extension cable, a telescoping boom, a weighted base, a camera adaptor, a headset for field monitoring and a carrying case. This affordable package offers a one-stop solution for broadcast work, location ENG, film and video recording and field recording.

At 5in in length, the micro shotgun microphone delivers big microphone performance. The microphone’s back electret condenser boasts a highly directional polar pattern and the ability to handle 124dB SPL, rivaling full-sized designs in clarity and off-axis rejection. The microphone delivers more than 100 hours of constant operating time with just two watch batteries.

The telescoping micro boom and the shock mount included with the Que Audio ENG Pack adds more versatility to the package. With its ability to extend from 1ft to 5ft, the boom can be used freehand, as an extension on a podium or as a mic stand when attached to its weighted base. Similarly, the shock mount attaches either to a camera’s hot shoe or to the telescoping boom, enabling the ENG Pack to be deployed for a wide range of applications.

The new Que Audio ENG Pack by Da-Cappo Australia is now shipping. Da-Cappo products are distributed by Hosa Technology throughout the Americas.