Harris Expands SPOT Repeater Line

Harris recently extended its 3W SPOT digital repeater line with four power variants: the original 3W SPOT and new 12.5 W, 25 W and 50 W versions.

SPOT can demodulate and remodulate an incoming DTV stream. While an analog repeater only boosts an existing signal, SPOT can achieve full error recovery, increasing the quality of the transmission for the viewer.

SPOT also can be connected to a local remultiplexer, enabling the insertion of local programming. It incorporates Harris' single-frequency network technology to improve spectrum and coverage efficiency.

The repeater can be used as a low-power, stand-alone transmitter for pilot networks and evaluation. It is suited for temporary broadcasts such as special cultural and sporting events. All SPOT models are housed in a 4 RU cabinet, and include an uninterruptible power supply for fast restart.