Harris demonstrates live DVB-H

Harris’ Atlas DTV-660 transmitter

Harris’s Broadcast Communications Division showed a continuous live demonstration of a complete DVB-H solution that allows broadcasters to create, transmit and deliver live television to mobile devices such as cellular phones.

Harris’ IBC demonstration featured UDcast’s multi-protocol encapsulator for data insertion, its fully DVB-H compatible Synchrony Single Frequency Network (SFN) adapter and its fully DVB-H compliant Atlas DTV-660 transmitter.

DVB-H allows simultaneous transmission of multichannel television, radio, video, audio and IP data to a range of multimedia receivers, including cellular phones, PDAs, PCs and other handheld devices. DVB-H uses MPEG-4 AVC, Windows Media 9, AAC and other advanced video coding and bandwidth-efficient compression technologies to deliver high-quality services to small-screen devices.

For more information, visit www.broadcast.harris.com.

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