GV Expo: FOR-A to Demo VRCAM Sensor-Less Virtual Studio System

Image from the FOR-A VRCAM
With FOR-A’s VRCAM, a virtual studio can be created without any modifications to existing cameras, lenses, tripods or other parts of an established camera system. Plus, there is no need to buy elaborate sets and environments.

FOR-A will showcase the VRCAM, a plug-in for the Brainstorm eStudio 3D real-time graphics software package that supports up to four fixed cameras, at Government Video Expo 2009, Dec. 2-3, in Washington.

“VRCAM is a great tool for the government, because it allows agencies to produce high quality virtual environments for training or administrative applications at a reasonable price point,” said FOR-A President and CEO Hiro Tanoue.

With VRCAM, studio operation is simplified because the VRCAM system requires no location data detection sensors or complex calibrations typically required by a traditional virtual studio, when used with the MBP-12CK chroma key option found on FOR-A’s MBP-1244 video card.

Also featured at GV Expo 2009 are the FOR-A HVS-300HS HD/SD portable video switcher and the FVW-500HS HD/SD Video Writer.

With more than 400 units in use worldwide since it began shipping earlier this year, the HVS-300HS HD/SD portable video switcher has become a popular choice for organizations that are making the transition from SD to HD production. Its compact control panel and 1RU main unit make it an ideal solution for use in flypacks or remote production applications. The 1-M/E switcher includes a frame synchronizing and resizing engine on every input, which allows various SD and HD signals to be used during the same production. Other features include a built-in 16-split multiviewer, 2D and 3D DVE transitions, and more than 100 wipe patterns.

The FVW-500HS video writer is a telestrator with a touch-screen interface, so users can draw and point with a finger over HD/SD-SDI video in real time. It has pre-programmed lines, shapes, spotlights, and numeric icons, and can also be used for freehand drawing. Properties like line thickness, color and edges can be altered with on-screen menus. In addition, it can display AVI animations and short movie clips, and users can import their own icons, animations and video clips.

FOR-A will be at Booth No. 545.

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