Golf Channel Trims Strokes With Avid

Ken Botelho
ORLANDO, FLA.—As the non-stop shop for golf on cable, the Golf Channel combines every aspect of programming on one network by using sophisticated production technology, which includes recording and control functions to deliver content to air as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The most common workflow we have today is taking feeds from satellite, providing some local production work, and then putting all of the elements together and exporting the finished story back to an Avid AirSpeed Multi Stream server for play back. The unique way this studio production element is incorporated into our workflow opens up a lot of possibilities for us.


In the not-too-distant future, we anticipate being able to do real-time production in what is essentially a post-production environment. This will enable us to create and move content significantly faster and more efficiently. It's not a defined process in its own right at the moment—what we have is a variant of what would be seen in a normal broadcast workflow. If there is anything that enhances speed and improves our workflow, we're ready and willing to become partners and pioneers.

Firmly entrenched in the sports broadcasting arena, we not only focus on recording inbound tournaments, but also work with live remotes in the field and do all the ancillary work to provide sports news output. In that respect, we are also a news and long-format programming operation.

One area in which we don't get too heavily involved is automated recording. This is really difficult for us, given our complex timelines, extended playtimes, weather related delays and production demands. As it's all dependent on whatever tournament or event is coming up, we just don't use a lot of scheduled recordings. Instead, we just set them up as we go and monitor accordingly.


We do, however, use Avid Interplay Capture to organize recordings and production on a daily basis. Interplay Capture allows us to know which AirSpeed Multi Stream servers will be recording throughout the day, what they will be recording, and where there are overlaps and challenges with multiple satellite feeds arriving at the same time. The other area where it helps our operation is in production. By giving us a window into exactly what transmission is doing, we know where we can push and best use the content.

At the end of the day, no matter what we're working on, it all comes down to speed and efficiency. Whether we are pulling down content for Donald Trump's golf program, recording a variety of tournaments, or taking the trophy shot at the end of any given tournament and turning it around to include in the bumper at the start, the key to our success is the ability to move things through the system as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Ken Botelho is the Senior Director of Engineering for the Golf Channel. He may be contacted at

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