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Fifty-two percent mobile video viewing jump still topped by traditional TV

Nielsen attributes a 52 percent leap in mobile video viewing in the last few years to monster draws like the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the presidential inauguration, but if Americans are choosing the “best screen available,” traditional TV is still their screen of choice.

Nielsen’s most recent Three Screen Report, its quarterly analysis from Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement initiative, reveals that:

  • The average American watches about 153 hours of TV every month at home, up 1.2 percent from last year.
  • The 131 million Americans who watch video on the Internet watch an average three hours of video online each month at home and work.
  • The 13.4 million Americans who watch video on mobile phones watch an average about 3.5 hours of mobile video each month.

Even though the living room screen still leads the TV pack, viewing is growing across all screens. Online video grew 13 percent in Q1 2009, thanks to strong brand marketing and the aforementioned blockbuster media events. Much of this growth also comes from increased mobile content and the rise of the mobile Web as a viewing option.

Download the Nielsen Q1 09 A2/M2 Three Screen Report here: nielsen_threescreenreport_q109.pdf