ESPN Developing Pylon Cam for NFL Broadcasts

BRISTOL, CONN.—ESPN continues to try and bring football fans closer to the action as they test Pylon Cams during NFL preseason broadcasts. The sports broadcaster used custom-molded goal line pylons housing multiple cameras during a recent telecast of the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns preseason action.

ESPN debuted Pylon Cams during January’s inaugural College Football Playoffs and has since been working with the NFL to further safety enhancements and picture quality.

The updated Pylon Cams now feature four four-camera pylons—one on each side of the field at both goal lines—with high quality cameras, custom-made in-ground wiring with easy break-away connections into the pylon. The pylon is also designed to compress on impact. The new features were the result of collaborations with micro-camera manufacturer BSI and pylon manufacturer Gilman Gear.

ESPN will once again test the Pylon Cams on Monday, during a broadcast of the preseason game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cincinnati Bengals. The goal is to be utilize the Pylon cams during regular season broadcasts of Monday Night Football, which begins Sept. 14, as well as some college football broadcasts.