ERI introduces AL PLUS C Series circularly polarized UHF antenna

Electronics Research Inc. (ERI) introduced the circularly polarized AL PLUS UHF television antenna line at NAB2008.

The AL PLUS UHF antenna satisfies the antenna requirements of many Part 74 television translators, low-power and Class A television stations, single frequency networks and 700MHz mobile data applications.

The AL PLUS UHF television antenna is a compact, end fed, design that features a fully enclosed and pressurized radome enclosure that promotes a long useful life.

The circularly polarized AL PLUS is available in eight and 12 bay models and versions have been developed for low and medium power applications. The antenna is suitable for analog or digital broadcast applications.

Features include:

  • circularly polarized UHF television antenna;
  • excellent elevation pattern inherent of end fed antenna designs;
  • fully enclosed in a pressurized radome enclosure;
  • omnidirectional azimuth pattern standard, directional patterns on application; and
  • compact single piece configuration.

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