East Kentucky Power Coop Installs Shure Microflex

NILES, ILL.—East Kentucky Power Cooperative, responsible for powering more than 520,000 homes and businesses in 87 Kentucky counties, is owned by 16 electric distribution co-ops located in central and eastern Kentucky. Each of these 16 parties is involved in monthly decision-making meetings, comprised of 45 or more participants. Hosted in a EKPC multipurpose boardroom, the meeting facility became a growing concern, as it quickly proved to be inefficient due to an A/V configuration that featured just six microphones suspended from the ceiling.

Key leaders struggled to hear vital updates and opinions, while side conversations created excess noise picked up by the microphone system. To help alleviate the issues, EKPC partnered with dBA Acoustics, consulting and design services, to create a new conferencing environment that would offer audio clarity through an intelligent wireless solution.

With a layout featuring a large u-shaped table, when designing the new conferencing system, it was crucial to have at least one gooseneck base transmitter per two board members. A solution that could be turned on and off by individual members was also requested to limit interruptions and prevent excess ambient noise from drowning out the speaker. To address these requirements, Shure Microflex Wireless Systems were selected for its sleek and modern design, lifelike sound, and seamless networked controls. MXW8 Gooseneck Base Transmitters, with a simple push-to-talk feature, were installed for accurate sound reproduction and to remedy the sound delivery issues associated with the limiting ceiling microphones.

Each transmitter offers bi-directional wireless capabilities, enabling return channel audio and real-time remote control and monitoring of all settings. This functionality enables the EKPC team to always have access to transmitter battery status for long meetings or back-to-back sessions.

For smaller meetings, the room relies on four compact Microflex Wireless Hybrid Bodypack Transmitters that connect to earworn or lavalier Shure microphones for presenters. Additionally, the room has three podiums that are equipped with Microflex Wireless handheld transmitters. All EKPC’s selected Microflex Wireless transmitters fit into the system’s networked charging station that brings batteries to 50 percent in one hour, with smart charging that safeguards against battery damage.

EKPC and each of its 16 owner-member cooperatives is owned and democratically governed by the people who use their energy and services. All are non-profit organizations.