e2v Has Success With ESCIOT Power Tube

e2v , the England-based manufacturer of transmitter power tubes, shipped its first Energy Saving Collector IOTs (ESCIOT) tube a year ago and reports that U.S. broadcasters are achieving substantial savings on their utility bills.

The company now has more than 25 tubes on the air in the United States and orders for more. Like other IOT tubes, the ESCIOT excels at UHF broadcasting. The multi-stage depressed collector (MSDC) technology at the heart of the ESCIOT achieves its best efficiency in DTV broadcasting but it also has advantages for analog UHF transmission.

One of the transmitter manufacturers installing the e2v ESCIOT is Ai, based in Cockeysville, Md.

"The Ai Quantum Depressed Collector Series of transmitters using the e2v ESCIOT have delivered outstanding results in both power savings and reliability," said Nat Ostroff, chairman of Ai.

MSDC IOTs can be as much as 35 percent more efficient than standard IOTs. More efficient transmitters mean that there will be lower utility bills and less demand for power wires and generating plants. In addition to the environmental savings from reduced power usage, the ESCIOT uses non-polluting de-ionized water in its cooling system.

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