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Dielectric To Feature New ATSC 3.0 SFN Antenna Series At NAB Show

(Image credit: Dielectric)

RAYMOND, Maine—Dielectric today announced it will showcase its NextGen TV Powerlite TFU-WB-LP series at the 2021 NAB Show, Oct. 10-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, featuring an extensive pattern portfolio and coverage optimization for single-frequency network (SFN) and LPTV applications. 

Announced in 2020, the new antenna system series is built with NextGen TV in mind, offering a series of elevation gains, azimuth patterns with high front and back ratios and software tools to assist broadcasters in designing and deploying ATSC 3.0 SFNs, the company said.

Dielectric’s Proposal Generator software will help broadcasters configure SFN systems that meet very specific network designs. Broadcasters can select the proper power level, directional pattern, height above ground level, and other pertinent design criteria for each SFN location, it said. 

“After extensive calculations and design process changes, we launched our repack product portfolio with ATSC 3.0 power requirements in mind, but optimized for high-power broadcasting,” said Keith Pelletier, vice president and general manager of Dielectric.

“There is more to the SFN than being robust enough to get the ATSC 3.0 signal out there. They require even bit distribution from two or more transmission sites throughout the broadcast market. That means supplying antennas with exceptional accuracy to ensure that coverage gaps between transmission sites are properly filled, and that signal strength is uniformly increased in the market,” he said.

Dielectric developed the series while working with consultants on theoretical SFN deployment plans. Customers specifically requested products designed for an SFN business model, the company said.

The new Powerlite TFU-WB-LP series offers antennas, transmission line, tunable filters and RF components into an all-inclusive package. They are built in four-bay increments with a maximum ERP of 100 kW for each antenna. They are also available with higher power options, the company said.

The new series is adaptable to multi-frequency networks and can serve both narrow-band and broadband RF configurations. The series can also work in concert with more traditional high-power high-tower antennas, which many broadcasters will want to keep in operation, Dielectric said.

The 2021 NAB Show will be held Oct. 10-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. See Dielectric at NAB Booth C7215. 

More information is available on the company’s website