Deloitte survey finds TV remains the most popular, influential entertainment medium

Despite digital distractions, we still spend about twice as much time watching TV as any other entertainment medium, and we're watching about two hours more according to market research firm Deloitte. Deloitte unveiled its annual "State of Media Democracy" report at CES. Among other findings:

• Of those surveyed, 65 percent wanted to connect their TV to the Internet, up from 58 percent last year.
• Smartphones get top ratings as media and entertainment devices from 47 percent of U.S. consumers, putting smartphones at No. 4 in order of importance, up from No. 10 last year.
• TV remains the most influential advertising medium, with 83 percent of consumers ranking TV advertising among the top three when it comes to influencing their buying decisions.

In addition, ABC reports that last year was the first year online Web video consumption exceeded online searches on, according to Deloitte Director of Insights and Innovation Edward K. Moran.