Dalet Suite Helps Clippn Reach the Cloud

Dalet xN features Dalet Galaxy, Dalet AmberFin and Dalet WebSpace.NEW YORK—The last four years have seen a near 40-percent growth in web video content delivered to multiscreens. This growth is driving the demand for stock footage, now estimated at $1 billion per year with projected growth in the double digits. Clippn distributes carefully curated stock footage clips through these retailers.

Companies selling stock footage online all want the same thing: mass quantity and variety of high-quality, curated clips. The content creator traditionally was responsible for processing the clips, which, without the right tools, can be a painful process. Clippn eliminates the process altogether by taking the clips and curating them in a way that is useful to stock footage sites’ sales process.


To optimize clip acquisition and sales, we implemented Dalet xN, a cloud-based solution that can scale with the demand for content. The metadata-driven system can be streamlined to save time on manual tasks such as indexing and curating content, as well as improve quality control and how we manage our stock footage inventory. More importantly, the Dalet cloud-based system can customize content metadata tracking to suit a particular stock footage site’s needs.

The off-premise setup is based on the Dalet Galaxy asset management and Dalet AmberFin transcode platforms and leverages Amazon Web Services to manage the volume of video that moves through the Clippn pipeline. The process is simple: Contributors upload raw content in just about any format via the Clippn dashboard. The clips are hosted on AWS S3 buckets, and a proxy version is created by Dalet AmberFin. Meanwhile, a reference file is added to Dalet Galaxy, and the clip’s technical metadata (source codec and resolution, timecode, etc.) is extracted. From Dalet WebSpace, the Clippn production team can view all uploaded video files, select the next in line, and open the file within Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The cloud-based Dalet platform includes craft editing, so we are able to integrate with existing systems to accept any video asset, which we then curate to identify its value moments. Then Clippn curators index and add metadata, tagging raw assets and clips in a single pass to meet requirements for a variety of stock footage distributors.


Dalet xN allows us to process 30,000–40,000 clips per month. The elastic infrastructure means we can handle higher volumes of content without bogging down the process. We’ve reduced operational costs associated with the hardware that was slowing down our production speeds. The highly configurable solution also enables us to regularly adapt our operations and the rate at which distributors accept our stock footage clips is nearing 100 percent. Dalet xN can handle the volume of video content that moves through our pipeline with ease, and higher volumes of content no longer slow us down. That translates into more sales for our distributors and more revenue for our suppliers.

Mick Reed is an award-winning producer who founded Clippn in 2014. He can be contacted atmick@clippn.com.

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