C-nario showcases large-scale network capabilities

C-nario is demonstrating new digital signage scalability tools at Integrated Systems Europe 2008. The company’s solution enables scalability of networks to up to 10,000 channels per server with channel management at one central location.

C-nario has established a certified testing lab to ensure that its management tools can successfully operate large-scale multibranch installations. By connecting several PCs together, each simulating up to 500 content channels, and connecting this system to the C-nario management system, C-nario verifies that all management features work successfully and efficiently with deployments of up to 10,000 channels per server.

C-nario scalability tools target large-scale digital signage displays in the retail and banking industries. The tools include C-nario Watchdog for identifying, repairing and reporting problems; C-nario Snapshots for sending snapshots of multiple channels simultaneously for monitoring; C-nario device monitoring and control tools such as Pin Table for organizing feedback in a manageable format; and Panel Designer for creating user-generated control environments.

For more information, visit www.C-nario.com.