Clark Delivers More Than Cable

(L-R) ScherShot installers Buck Reddecliff, Travis Phifer and Brian Pierce stand ready to pull in more Clark Cable.
ScherShot Productions is a systems design and installation company that primarily serves the southeastern portion of the United States. Since 1994, we have installed A/V systems in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Our customers include the University of North Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Dome, Duke University and Wake Forest University, just to mention a few. And for the past 10 years ScherShot has relied upon Clark Wire & Cable for materials to do these jobs, including panels, digital audio, video and fiber cable, cable assemblies, installation tools, and other essentials of the trade.

The Wake Forest project was probably our biggest, and was certainly our most satisfying undertaking to date. After nearly 40 years in operation, Wake Forest was primed for their first facilities upgrade. This project required more than 150,000 feet of HD-rated RG-6, 35,000 feet of triax, 30,000 feet of fiber optic cable, 26,000 feet of Cat-5 network cable, and more than seven miles of multichannel audio cables. Ron Wellman, the school's athletic director, believes that it's important to meet the expectations of their fans, including the availability of certain amenities. This translated to the addition of premium indoor and outdoor seating, better access to concessions and additional club and box seats. But that wasn't all. Multiple radio and television broadcast booths were added, and these press facilities, including the president's box, had to be pre-wired to satisfy all media functions.

Jim Grobe, the school's head football coach, envisioned facilities comparable to any of those in the Atlantic Coast Conference. With 32 camera locations, provisions for national and regional mobile trucks and a state-of-the-art headend facility, Wake Forest has transformed BB&T Field into the envy of that Conference. The Wake Forest job was so influential in fact that it even prompted a visit from the NFL.


For such a high profile job, we looked for companies that could meet very stringent criteria—it wasn't good enough to go with a company that just provided product. We had to have someone to rely upon for certain levels of technical support. This was not only from a cabling standpoint, but in terms of the whole system. Going with Clark Wire & Cable for this project was both an easy and sound decision.

Although price point was a factor, quick turnaround time, attention to detail and technical knowledge all played a part, but probably the biggest reason we decided on Clark—for this, and really all of our projects—is that in all the years we've been buying from them, we've never had a single failure. Their cable is well made—every audio and video line is consistent, both electronically and from a physical standpoint. We needed a company that had the engineering expertise and product knowledge, as well as being able to provide detailed documentation such as pin-outs and panel drawings for some of the trickier aspects of the job, and as usual, Clark Wire & Cable came through for us.

Carl Scher has been in the audio/video business for 32 years. He started ScherShot in 1994. He may be contacted

Kelly Heddleson has been a broadcast engineer for 14 years. He started his career with ScherShot after graduating from college and is now president of the company. He may be contacted

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