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Channelot, UDcast introduce integrated low-power DVB-T, mobile/digital TV transmitter

RAD Group member Channelot, a manufacturer of low-power mobile TV and digital TV transmitters, and wireless IP broadcast solutions provider UDcast introduced the new Channelot 100i at the recent IBC2008. The companies claim it is the first full-featured DVB-T/H micro-transmission station with an embedded UDcast iSplicer local content distribution adapter. This one-box solution allows mobile TV operators and broadcasters to efficiently distribute local and national content packages to a large network of compact and cost-effective low-power transmission sites.

The Channelot 100i builds on the Channelot 100 to provide a higher level of functional integration in the same smaller footprint. The built-in iSplicer eliminates the stream duplication that drives up the cost of region-specific content delivery. The one-box solution combines both products for a full solution for the mobile TV transmission site.

Following the migration to low-power transmitters for large-scale deployment of DVB-H mobile TV networks, the Channelot 100 microtransmission station is a single-box implementation of a full-featured DVB-T/H low-power transmission site. The Channelot 100 includes in one 2RU enclosure all the functions required at the point of deployment.

The UDcast’s iSplicer technology ensures that multiple transmitters can operate in a single-frequency network mode, reducing the cost of satellite content distribution by combining all the content in one single satellite carrier. At the remote regional site, only the relevant channels for each market are broadcast to the mobile receivers, ensuring that users have an attractive and relevant TV offering and that broadcasters have the ability to offer their advertisers more addressable audiences.

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