CBA and Dish Network Team to Prepare Viewers for Transition

Dish Network has announced that it will join forces with the Community Broadcasters Association to help television viewers prepare for the February end of full power analog television broadcasting.

The CBA represents Low-Power and Class A broadcasters, most of which will continue with transmission of analog signals past the Feb. 17 cutoff date for full-power TV broadcasters. CBA is concerned that off-air viewers may be shut off from these analog stations after installation of set top converter boxes for receiving digital signals. Key to the alliance between the CBA and Dish Network is the promotion and sales of Dish’s DTV converter boxes to affected viewers. A portion of the sales revenue is being turned over to the CBA to assist with that organization’s DTV education program.

“Dish Network, a leader in the digital transition, is proud to partner with the CBA in this widespread effort to offer over-the-air consumers the tools and resources they need to continue enjoying their favorite channels following the switch,” said Tom Stingley, executive vice president of sales and distribution at Dish. “Dish Network is the only pay-TV provider offering both 100 percent digital television packages in English, Spanish and international languages, and some of the most sought-after converter boxes on the market today, and we look forward to working with the CBA to educate consumers on those solutions.”

An analog pass-through set top converter box is needed to maintain easy access to signals from Class A and Low-Power broadcasters; however, in many instances these boxes have been difficult to obtain. Dish Network is rolling out four different models that will have the pass-through feature. All models should be available by the end of this month, and three of the four converters being offered qualify for purchase with the $40 NTIA coupons being issued to U.S. television viewers.

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