Canon C500 4K camera, ACES workflow make 'Rhythm of Life' possible

Cinematographer Steven Poster, ASC, and director Dean Hargrove tapped into the features and functions of the Cinema EOS C500 and the complete line of Canon's Cinema Zoom and Cinema Prime lenses to capture the high-energy 4K footage used to create the short film “Rhythm of Life.”

Available now on Canon’s Digital Learning Center, “Rhythm of Life” is one of the first example of a Canon Cinema EOS C500 4K Digital Camera utilizing the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) workflow in a video production. Furthermore, this project marks the first time that every single Canon Cinema Lens was used in a project together. Another project, "Man vs. Beast," also used the ACES workflow as well.

Delivering the advanced optical performance of Canon’s full frame and Super 35mm cinema lenses in demanding high-end 4K production, the piece is visually compelling, but the story for filmmakers lies in the behind-the-scenes commentary and remarks about how the lenses were utilized and what look or features appealed to each crew member. 

Watch "Rhythm of Life” and then enjoy an in-depth making of video to see the dancers, crew, and gear in action.