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Burk Technology Releases New Remote Control System

Burk Technology is now shipping the ARC Plus, a new remote control system for broadcast facilities.

The ARC Plus is based on TCP/IT architecture and can provide monitoring and control for up to 1,024 sites. The system allows the addition of input channels that are independent from command channels, and allows users to configure alarms with different priorities and which can be directed to personnel via e-mail and dial-out lists.

"We've assembled the most sought after features on a platform built for real-world radio and TV broadcasting environments," said Peter Burk, president of Burk Technology. "The ARC Plus carries forward Burk Technology's two decades of experience in broadcast facility remote control."

The control system can be access via front panel controls, software, Web browser or telephone. The system offers integrated transient protection and radio frequency interference resistance.

The ARC Plus can be added to an existing group of Burk ARC-16 systems, providing owners with an upgrade path.