Broadcom shows impulse noise protection technology at Broadband World

Broadcom is demonstrating its impulse noise protection technology at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin, Germany, this week.

Broadcom’s PhyR (pronounced "Fire") firmware enables service providers to deliver a tenfold improvement in noise resilience, resulting in more advanced triple-play services for ADSL and VDSL networks. From a user perspective, the improvement in performance provides better service coverage, fewer errors and a better viewing experience when watching IPTV systems equipped with PhyR.

Video services, provisioned over traditional copper loops, are susceptible to noise sources in the ambient environment that limit coverage. Noise also can reduce video quality by inducing "macroblocking," or corrupted images.

Broadcom PhyR technology is included in the company's ADSL2+/VDSL2 firmware and provides improved resistance against impulse noise as well as a reduction in the residual bit error rate (BER). This results in an improved user experience for subscribers of telecommunications triple-play services.

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