Broadcast Industry Vendors Converge to Cover Super Bowl

Several broadcast industry equipment makers contributed technologies to the coverage of Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Cinematographer Scott Duncan deployed two Panasonic AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD Cinema cameras to create the game's opening segments. Duncan and fellow cinematographer David Finch used the cameras, outfitted with Panasonic BT-LH900 8.4-inch monitors, to shoot footage for the pre-game show, teasers leading up to the game and the introduction of both teams' starting line-ups.

Footage taken by Duncan and Finch was used by Broadway Video Design Labs to create a new branding package for the Super Bowl.

Path 1 Network Technologies' video-over-IP equipment was used in collaboration with the Vyvx HD Venue Net service for the HD backhaul of the telecast.

Discreet's Inferno, Flame, Fire, Flint, Smoke and Combustion editing software was employed in the making of several of the commercials that ran during the game.

Visual effects company A52 used Inferno on the 60- and 30-second Cadillac "Turbulence" shots. Other Super Bowl commercials that used Discreet include Subway's "Misunderstanding"; IBM's "Prodigy III-Revised"; and Pepsi's "I Fought the Law."