Brightline LEDs Light Up Black News Channel

(Image credit: Brightline)

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa.—When the lights turned on for the Black News Channel in February, it did so using Brightline LEDs.

An African-American news network, Black News Channel’s 2,000-square-foot main set features a lighting grid of around 70 lights. This includes Brightline’s L1.2 and L1.4 SeriesONE LED soft light fixture, as well as Flex-T LED lights. An additional 20 L1.2 and L1.4 fixtures were used in BNC’s green screen virtual studio. The lights are controlled with DMX programming.

“Brightline has great control options on their fixtures, so you can make sure you’re not spilling light on the RGB elements and spoiling the color,” said lighting designer Bill Holshevnikoff.

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