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Aviom personal mixers hit with recording artists

Located in the Westchester County town of Ossining, NY, BiCoastal Studios has reported great success in employing Aviom personal mixers for recent recording sessions with major artists including the Yellowjackets Jazz Quartet, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty and progressive rocker Danny Brill. By using personal mixers in the studio, artists can dial in their own monitor mix and can instantly hear accurate playback from the main console.

While recording with Danny Brill, drummer Mike Sciotto had the opportunity to use the Aviom A-16II Personal Mixer and was impressed. “The Aviom system makes it such a pleasure to record,” he said. “There is nothing like having a separate mix. It makes everyone happy and is super user friendly; I really love it.”

The Yellowjackets were equally impressed with the Aviom gear. The band was in BiCoastal Studios working on its new recordings with engineer Rich Breen. The Aviom mixers, normalled to the all-digital Solid State Logic C200, were used for the cue system during tracking and overdub sessions.

Following the success of this first solo CD recorded at BiCoastal, Rob Thomas is now back in the studio working with producer Matt Serletic and engineer Mark Dobson, once again using the Aviom system.

"We installed the Aviom Personal Mixers at the suggestion of the studio's designer, Russ Berger,” Hal Winer, owner of BiCoastal, said. “We've done sessions with a diverse group of internationally acclaimed musicians, bands and producers, including Phil Ramone, Neil Dorfsman, Bjork, Omar Hakim, Tony Levin, Antigone Rising, New York Philharmonic Chamber Group and Mick Guzauski — and everyone loves the system."

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