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Audio -- NAB Show 2012

Manufacturers will be rolling out a variety of new audio equipment when the NAB Show opens in Las Vegas next month. With the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act due to go into effect at the end of the year there is sure to be a raft of hardware and software tools on display that allow TV broadcasters to abide by, and demonstrate compliance with, the loudness legislation.


Calrec Artemis LightAzden Corp. will showcase the FMX-32a, a portable, battery-operated mixer with three XLR mic inputs, individual input and master level controls, switchable +48V and limiters for each input, with assignable LCR outputs.

Artemis Light from Calrec Audio is a new 4RU processing rack incorporating Bluefin2 high density signal processing, Hydra2 networking technologies and a compact, scalable control surface.

The Model E-3 is Dan Dugan Sound Design's new flagship 8-channel AES digital automatic mixing controller, and includes the Dugan Speech System, Dugan Music System, Dugan Gain Limiting and three auto-mixing groups.

DiGiCo's SD11B 32-channel console (also 19-inch rackmountable) now incorporates surround buses with multichannel folding/unfolding, mix-minus, talk to direct/mix-minus out, and a 5.1 monitor matrix with a 48x6 source-to-speaker selection. The SD10B and smaller SD10-24B consoles include 96 channels with processing, 48 configurable buses and 5.1 outputs plus monitoring matrix. The SD-MINI, MINI Rack and SD-NANO offer various analog and digital I/O configurations using DiGiCo's SD rack cards.

JK Audio's RemoteMix 3.5 broadcast field mixer features three mic inputs, three headphone outs, phone line hybrid and keypad, PBX handset interface, and both wired and wireless cell phone interfaces.

Logitek Electronic Systems' new JetSet Web interface operates on all popular browsers to provide remote setup and configuration of JetStream Networked Audio console systems. The JetStream Networked Audio platform is now compatible with the Ross OverDrive Production Automation Controller. The ROC digital console is available in 6-, 12-, 18- or 24-fader (Penny & Giles) configurations with a selection of optional meter bridges, in a desktop enclosure.

Stagetec USA is introducing new v3.8 software for the Crescendo digital mixing console.

Logitek Jetstream MiniStuder will introduce the Vista 5 22-fader and the OnAir 1500 for radio broadcast and production. RELINK and Virtual Vista will also be showcased.

Wheatstone will show its line of networked audio consoles for TV, including its D and E series boards as well as the compact Dimension One control surface.


AETA Audio Systems' 4MinX is a portable integrated multichannel 5.1/7.1 mixer and 8-track recorder for location and music recording.

The newly reconfigured and updated DADtv from ENCO Systems features up to 10 mono inputs and 20 mono outputs supporting three surround streams or a mix of surround and stereo. HotShot plays back four balanced stereo outputs via eight banks of 84 on-screen buttons from any local drive in various file formats including mp3.

Ovation v3.0 is a new multiformat media sequencer and playout system from Merging Technologies with VST support and integrated Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system.

Roland Systems Group will debut v1.1 of the R-1000 dedicated 48-track recorder/player for live production. The R-1000 is an intuitive standalone, dedicated recorder/player designed to work with the V-Mixing System in any live event or production.

TASCAM's X-48mkII is the new and improved version of its standalone 48-track hybrid hard disk workstation, co-developed with SaneWave, combining a HDD recorder with DAW GUI. The DR-100mkII 96 kHz/24-bit LPCM handheld recorder features four built-in mics plus balanced line and S/PDIF inputs.

TASCAM's HS-2 solid-state audio recorder, supporting Broadcast .wav up to 96/24, includes CF and SD card slots plus optional SY2 timecode card.

Stagetec CrescendoAUDIO MONITORING

Henry Engineering's Talent Pod for remote broadcast accommodates multiple announcer mics plus flexible headphone mix capabilities. Multiple units may be linked via CAT-5.

The TM3 meter is the latest introduction to RTW's TouchMonitor family, offering a budget-friendly, more compact version of the company's TM7 and TM9 units.

TSL's PAM2-3G16 MK2 adds new features to the multichannel Dolby-enabled audio monitoring unit, including a new SDI output, Ethernet connectivity and the new Dolby Cat. 1100 card. Designed for use with TSL's AVM-T-Mix system and other I/O devices, the Touchmix Desktop Remote panel incorporates the latest touchscreen technology and an intuitive GUI.

The AMS16-3G from Ward-Beck Systems is an embedded audio monitor with 16 LED bargraphs capable of handling SD, HD and 3G HD signals, with optional Dolby E decoder.

Wohler Technologies is launching the AMP1-16M dual-input, 16-channel SDI audio monitor, supporting 3G/HD or SD-SDI streams, featuring 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays.


AVT Audio Video Technologies is showing its digital two-line telephone hybrids, MAGIC TH2plus and MAGIC TH2plus RM for POTS, ISDN or Voice-over-IP. MAGIC TH6 is a digital six-line talkshow system with four digital and two analog audio interfaces.

Belden will demo a prototype Ethernet AVB (IEEE 802.1BA AVB) switch for broadcast and AV use.

Wheatstone Dimension OneBroadcasters General Store is introducing the Broadcast Tools Switcher Sentinel 3, a web-enabled 3x1 stereo switcher/router for all types of signals.

The AES Switcher Sentinel 4 from Broadcast Tools is a solution for AES digital audio switching of backup signals via the web or locally.

CCS/MusicamUSA's Roadwarrior W is a portable, remotely configurable IP, ISDN and 3G full duplex audio codec with built-in 2-channel mixer.

Cobalt Digital's 9257 1x9 AES10 MADI signal distribution solution, an openGear platform, offers 64 channels at 48 kHz and supports up to 96 kHz.

Communications Specialties' Fiberlink 3380 Series transports 3G/HD/SD-SDI video and converts and embeds four line-level analog audio signals into the SDI digital video signal stream. Fiberlink 3381 de-embeds the audio from the 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal and converts it into a line-level signal.

CSI's new Copperlink 2380 audio embedder and 2381 audio de-embedder provide the same features and functions as the Fiberlink 3380/3381 transmitter/receiver via copper SDI.

Crystal Vision's Tandem 310 embedder/de-embedder for 3G, HD and SD sources includes an option to fit a Dolby decoder with a stereo down mix.

DiGiCo's compact UB MADI device uses Stealth Digital Processing FPGA technology and allows any computer to connect via USB 2.0, ASIO or Core Audio drivers to transport 96 I/Os (48 bi-directional). DiGiCo's Purple Box is a 1RU CAT5E/MADI-to-optical converter with redundant power supplies and fiber connector options.

Wohler AMP1-16MDigigram is featuring its Cancun 442-Mic (4 I/O) and CANCUN 222-Mic (2 I/O) sound cards with simultaneous digital and analog paths.

Harris Platinum routers now offer MADI interfaces to accept 128 signals of mono audio for presentation to a TDM crosspoint.

Nevion will introduce Ventura VS906, a scalable, next-gen audio and data transport over IP/Ethernet networks that handles analog, AES and MADI) plus E1 and T1 data and offers standards-compliant Forward Error Correction (FEC).

The DRS E-DXE 1536 distributed audio routing system from PESA supports 128 signals in a 1RU frame, expandable to 7680x7680 AES/EBU, mono, stereo, and timecode signals.

Sonifex Ltd. has three new audio IP Pro Audio Streamers: PS-SEND, PS-PLAY and PS-AMP, each with an Ethernet web server to allow configuration. The Redbox RB-VHEDD8 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI audio de-embedder and re-embedder with Dolby E encoding of up to 8 channels into an AES/EBU stream.

The RB-DA6R is a 1RU 6-way stereo distribution amplifier and the RB-DA6RG adds individual output gain adjustment.

Sonifex's CM-CU21 provides two fully featured commentator positions and a third guest position/line-level input.

Stagetec USA is introducing a new Dante network interface card in collaboration with Audinate for the Nexus digital audio router. A new software version for Nexus allows reconfiguration of the system without the need of cold boot.

Harris Platinum Router

Sonifex Pro Audio Streamer
Tieline Technology's Bridge-IT IP audio codec includes a full-featured front panel user interface and bidirectional stereo audio. The Genie IP audio codec is a multipoint IP audio codec for STLs and audio distribution over a range of IP networks. The Report-IT Enterprise app turns an iPhone into an ultra-portable 15 kHz IP audio codec and 20 kHz recorder.


The Audio-Technica AT2005USB cardioid dynamic microphone features USB and XLR connectors plus a headphone output with level control.

Clear-com V Series Rotary PanelsAzden Corp.'s SGM-3416 Series microphones are super-directional electret condenser shotguns offering wide frequency response and low noise. Azden's 2000 Series UHF wireless microphones are designed for the most demanding ENG applications.

K-Tek will debut its KiM2 windscreen for Tascam's iM2 stereo mic for use with iPhone, iPad or iPod. KTMWSC "the Mouse" is K-Tek's faux fur windscreen for Sanken's popular CUB-01 microphone.

The Axient Wireless System from Shure incorporates several breakthrough technologies to provide a solution for the most extreme RF challenges. ULX-D is a personal wireless system that incorporates frequency scanning, intelligent battery technology, networked control and advanced encryption. Shure's VP89 shotgun condenser microphone offers superior RF immunity, internal low-frequency roll-off and a rugged construction.


The Barix Annuncicom PS1 doubles as an IP paging/intercom device and a production intercom solution.

Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline is a digital partyline intercom system supporting up to 20 HBP-2X beltpacks. The Tempest2400 wireless intercom system has now been enhanced with Seamless Roaming, which gives BeltStation users freedom of movement.

V-Series rotary panels, in 1RU, 2RU, desktop and extension panel variants, allow quick audio levels adjustments from one or more audio sources for intercom mixing and IFB assignments. The E-MADI card offers up to 64 channels of digital 4-wire connectivity per card for the Eclipse-Omega and Median matrix intercom. Clear-Com's CC-300 single-ear and CC-400 double-ear headsets feature high ambient-noise attenuation headphones and hyper-cardioid dynamic mics.

RTS BTR-240 Digital Multichannel Wireless Intercom System The RemoteMix One Field Interview Tool from JK Audio is a mic preamp and headphone amplifier for use with laptops and cellphones. The InterLoop wireless beltpack works with industry standard 2-wire partyline intercoms and can pair via Bluetooth to applicable devices.

Riedel Communications' MediorNet Compact offers a network bandwidth of 50 Gbps for bidirectional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or Gbit-Ethernet signals and hundreds of audio channels. Riedel's Connect AVB product line is based on the official IEEE next-generation Ethernet standards.

RTS will introduce the BTR-240, a digital multichannel wireless intercom system offering extremely reliable and secure full-duplex communication with up to eight wireless TR-240 beltpacks and an almost unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks. Also new is the Zeus III LE+ compact digital intercom matrix, and VLink (Virtual Linked Intercom), a new, fully interconnected, DHCP-compliant virtual communications solution for RTS intercom systems.

Telos System's VX is a VoIP phone system for broadcasters that scales to support clusters of up to 20 studios and can handle up to 48 calls simultaneously on 16 hybrids. VSet6 is a 6-line phoneset for use with Telos VX Broadcast VoIP talkshow systems. VSet1 gives single-line access to Telos VX systems.


Axel Technology's Falcon Series FM/TV processors are ITU-R-BS412 and ITU-R-BS1770 compliant.

Crystal Vision's SYN-A 3G video frame synchronizer (3G/HD/SD) can sync a mixture of AES and Dolby E in the same audio group and will automatically align Dolby E.

For correcting lip sync errors, AVDELAY 3G offers up to 0:10 of video delay in SD, 0:05 in HD and 0:02 in 3Gbps, plus 0:10 of AES audio delay.

Jünger Audio T*AP 8-channel Processor

DK-Technologies' DK-3 Compact Audio Meter
Harris will show advanced audio processing and loudness control tools integrated into its Selenio media convergence platform and X50 frame synchronizer and converter.

Jünger Audio's new V*AP 2-channel voice processor includes the company's new Spectral Signature adaptive EQ algorithm. The new D*AP LM4 is a professional non-destructive normalizer that performs automated and adaptive leveling of digital audio signals. T*AP is an 8-channel processor providing automatic and adaptive loudness control with Level Magic II, plus Dolby options.

Lynx Technik's PDM 5289 Shufflemax functions as a 32-channel audio processor and provides almost unlimited shuffling of embedded audio channels and metadata.

The Merging Technologies Horus 2RU modular A/D (44.1 kHz–384 kHz DXD/DSD) and D/A features 24 mic preamps and Ravenna networking capability.

Stagetec's Vivace is an electronic room emulation system that creates highly convincing spatial acoustic environments in any indoor and even outdoor environment.

Linear Acoustic AERO.liteWard-Beck Systems' M6205-3G can extract and process up to 16 channels of embedded audio. The M6205-3G/NLC option includes DTS Neural Loudness Control. The /MM version includes an optional DTS MultiMerge up/downmix processor.


Ozone 5 Advanced from iZotope includes eight essential mastering tools in a single plug-in and an entire suite of configurable meters.

Minnetonka Audio Software's SurCode for Dolby E 2.1 provides Dolby-certified, file-based management of multichannel assets and metadata.

Neyrinck's SoundCode For Dolby E is a software suite for Mac or Windows for tape-based and file-based workflows. SoundCode Exchange MXF Import supports MXF media import/export in Pro Tools. The V-Control Pro iPad app provides a multi-touch control surface for Pro Tools, Logic 9, Cubase/Nuendo, Final Cut Pro 7 and other DAWs.


Cobalt Digital's LMNTS offers MVPDs and MSOs multichannel loudness processing over GigE IP. Ensuring loudness compliance, Cobalt's Spotcheck monitors and logs an IP or ASI MPEG stream at the transit encode point. Cobalt's loudness meter software option provides a flexible, complete solution for ingest or on-air loudness measurement, assessment and records.

DaySequerra's new LC2 features stereo loudness measurement (to worldwide specifications) and transparent loudness correction in a 1RU package. DaySequerra has designed its M2DTV mobile TV loudness control to keep DTV audio content intelligible in noisy environments on mobile devices.

MonitorIQ v3.0 from Digital Nirvana is an intelligent compliance recording system with extensive search capability, loudness monitoring and logging and other features.

Stagetec Nexus XCPU09 Board includes loudness meteringDK-Technologies will spotlight the DK-3, a compact audio meter with SDI HD/SD input and audio de-embedding. The DK-3 audio meter provides full loudness measurement capabilities, including ATSC A/85, ITU BS1770/1771, EBU R128, as well as user adjustments to meet local requirements.

Emotion Systems' eFF (Emotion File Finish) is an audio normalization and loudness compliance tool for media files.

Loudness Logger from Jünger Audio allows customers of its leveling processors to log and monitor in real time or analyze previously stored loudness log files.

Linear Acoustic will show its AERO.lite loudness cotroller, which provides CALM and R128 loudness compliance in RU. AERO.lite applies preset-driven loudness and dynamic range control using adaptive, look-ahead wideband and multiband algorithms. Options include ITU-R BS.1770 loudness meter, backup PSU and SNMP.

Mediaproxy's LogServer and LogServer ASI products now include real-time loudness monitoring capabilities integrated into the LogPlayer web-based user interface.

The MXF Compliance Server is Merging Technologies' new batch-processing wrap tool, allowing compliant loudness functionality, Dolby E capabilities and MXF metadata conformity.

Minnetonka Audio Software's AudioTools Server automatically ensures loudness compliance in all A/V formats.

Miranda Technologies will feature its end-to-end loudness monitoring, logging and correction system for more effective CALM Act compliance. This includes products for file-based loudness processing, loudness measurement, loudness logging and real-time loudness correction for baseband video and IP video applications.

Orban's new Optimod 6585 television loudness controller provides automatic loudness and dialog intelligibility control for one surround program (up to 7.1) or four 2.0 programs.

Sentinel from Qualis Audio offers real time hardware-based loudness measurement and logging according to world broadcast requirements.

The Stagetec Nexus XCPU09 board includes loudness metering, spectral analysis and true-peak meter; Master Monitor software offers three simultaneous independent instances of each instrument.

Triveni Digital's StreamScope MT-40 software release adds loudness monitoring for DTV MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport streams.

The Loudness Monitoring Module for Volicon's Observer system now features graphing, exporting measurements and integration and reports with as-run logs.